Fishing on Monday

Fishing on Monday

On Monday, I fished with John Benvenuto. Our plan was to fish for barracuda, in preparation for the Cuda Bowl. The cold front was scheduled to arrive later in the day, but we left the ramp at 9:00 in reasonable conditions. We started by fishing for permit, and while the water looked great we did not see any of our expected targets. We finished the permit fishing in the morning when we left for a barracuda area that we thought might hold some fish. In the pre-storm calm we found them, though they were difficult to see and even more intractable when we threw the fly at them. We saw a very large redfish that looked for all the world like a large barracuda, and had maybe four shots at single large barracuda before we had lunch.

Following this John had another spot in mind for permit, and again the conditions looked perfect. We waited as the tide got right, and while our hopes remained high we were unable to find the pushing permit we expected to arrive. We continued with our pursuit of barracuda for another hour in the same spot, again finding them and again not getting a bite. As the leading edge of the cold front bore down on us, we relocated nearer to the ramp in order to prevent a long run in the rain. We covered water for another hour in the clouds, catching a few small barracuda and enjoying the last of the fishing before the front came in and pushed us out for good.

Tuesday we didn’t fish, since the wind was blowing near 30 and the temperatures had plunged to the 50’s. Today the conditions are improving, and we’re hoping that the few days after the front will be filled with hungry fish. Monday I may be headed to the park with Fitz and Joe Rodriguez. 21-23 with Steve Huff.

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