Current Conditions, Earlier this Week, Upcoming

Current Conditions, Earlier this Week, Upcoming

Happy 2015!

After the new years, I took about a week off to spend some time in the shop. We are in the process of receiving all the new goodies for the upcoming season, and with this comes a lot of work. That said we are almost through it, and I’m ready to start committing to the fishing in short order.

Earlier this week, before the cold front came through, I fished for a few days for permit. The first day the water was low and the fish were nowhere to be found, and while Ian and I spent a few hours looking for barracuda in our permit quest we were unable to catch a fish. The same was true the following day with Joe Rodriguez and Kat–no fish to be found.

After we fished the weather took a turn for the worse, and now it’s cold out there. This is news both bad and good–the cold weather tends to shock the system back to normal, and we’ve needed a cold front to put everything back in its right place.

Next week Kat and I are fishing with Simon Becker for barracuda (and permit, if weather allows), and the week after I’m on the water a few days with John O’Hearn. We will be joined for a day by John Benvenuto. After that is the Cuda Bowl, then three days in the Everglades in pursuit of the six with Steve Huff.

I’ll make sure these pages are up to date throughout this year, and I’ll try to take more pictures and post them as I write the reports.



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