Merry Christmas, Fishing Two Days Ago

Merry Christmas, Fishing Two Days Ago

Merry Christmas!

Now that’s out of the way, I can get on to more important things. Primarily, fishing–which (until a small cold front rolled through yesterday) has been fantastic.

Two days ago I went out for a morning seek with John O’Hearn and John Benvenuto. John B. and I had planned to permit fish around Key West, but John Sr. wanted to take a look for tarpon. With some warmer weather we had a decent chance of this happening, and while we looked for a few hours to find them we eventually did. In an hour of good fishing, we each hooked a fish–three bites in an hour, with 4 hours of looking prior to our finding. When we came across them I was on the pole and John B. was on the bow.

John B. had a few shots before John Sr. kicked him off the bow. I continued to pole, despite the fact that I wasn’t doing a very good job, and Sr. farmed a bite on his first cast. I was up next, and had a couple shots before farming a bite on a nice fish. John B. finished it off with a bite from another, which at least jumped before coming off, and then we went home.

Upcoming events include some fun fishing before season kicks in and receiving inventory in the shop. Guess which one I’m more excited about?



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