Current Conditions, Tarpon Season, Yesterday with John Benvenuto

Currently, the weather is turning around for the better. We’ve had a tough time with the weather this year, and it’s no surprise that that’s meant tough fishing. With the addition of a last minute throwback cold front last week, the weather hasn’t been cooperative.

All that said, it looks like things are turning around for the better. The fishing is getting to where it needs to be, and the fish are here in numbers finally. Yesterday John Benvnuto and I went out for a day of fun fishing, and while the fishing wasn’t amazing we were in an exploratory mode and stuck with a place through a tide change just to see what the water would bring us. We caught a nice 65 pound fish on one bite and had a great time; not bad for a day off.

I looked the other day on our photo page and realized that we hadn’t posted a picture of a tarpon in a while, so here are a few for your viewing pleasure. They’ll be in the gallery also if you want to check them out.