Current Conditions/Standby for reports coming soon

Current Conditions/Standby for reports coming soon

I haven’t updates these pages recently, for a few reasons. After the Del Brown I drove up to Orlando for ICast, which was OK but not fishing. Plus there are a lot of Instagram try hards up there (you know who you are) and I’m always bored by them.  There was some cool new stuff, most of which I won’t discuss on these pages. I’m sure there will be an in-depth report of some of the newest kit in one of our upcoming newletters, and I may get around to some review/reminder stuff on this blog. But let’s face it: no one reads this blog for industry hype and that’s reason enough to not include that stuff here.

Speaking of hype, I’m hyped up to get current with these pages but I was out the last two days and I have had literally zero time to sit and tap at the keyboard. The fishing is tough at the moment for permit, though there are some tarpon and bonefish around. What we need is a storm or some bad weather to come and get things cool again.

I’m working on the Del Brown report and it will be uploaded in the nest few days, and when it is I’ll then go through the last two days and then I’ll be current.


More to come, and soon.



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