Fishing last week with Ian Slater

Fishing last week with Ian Slater

Last week Ian and I again went out, again in search of tarpon. We had a tough two days, though the high point on each day was a bite from what we were after. Our focus totally on the Gold Cup, we had high hopes of trying some new fight angles on some large fish, and while the first day only gave us one aggressive bite from a tarpon that ate past the shock, the second day gave us a chance to pick a fight. We were able to land a large fish relatively quickly, still going through some leftover leaders from last year’s Gold Cup, and the grab felt good.
Trying is fun, and I look forward to more of it in the months to come. One thing is for sure: our focus is total.

After this I fished with Brandon and Nick each for a day, trying to see if I’m still in decent enough permit shape to fish the Merkin next week.

More to come,


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