Fishing last week with Joe

Fishing last week with Joe

After the fishing with Simon and Kathryn, I joined Frankie Marion for a day with Captain Joe Rodriguez. The wind was in full effect (as it has been since), but Joe was unfazed and we went out to give it a shot.

We started at 7 AM, and drove an hour to where Joe wanted to fish. We arrived and had a decent number of shots, though the fish were tougher than normal to feed. I had a single low-quality bite from a member of a school, but did not connect with the weight. This set the stage for a slump that would continue through the following day, but this day I didn’t even get the courtesy of bites with no follow-through: we threw at fish for hours, never convincing one to crack open. Fish after fish, hour after hour, we were stuck in the slack.

Our day ended at about 4:00, when we simply couldn’t take it anymore and drove home.

The next day I fished with Howard Davis and Captain Shane Wood, and our fishing was nearly the same. Given that I was with Howard Davis I’d like to properly upload a report and will do it separately after I finish with Simon and Doug the next two days.



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