Fishing with Howard last week

Fishing with Howard last week

Last week, after the day with Joe and Frankie, I joined Howard Davis and Captain Shane Wood for a day on the water. They had experienced slow fishing the day before, so Shane decided to post up in a spot and wait for the fish to come through–smart stuff, but hard at times to stick with when the fish haven’t yet decided to show up.

Howard and I traded half-hours on the bow, and for the first few hours there wasn’t much on the menu. Howard and I, despite our agreement to change every half hour, became lax about our switching until the fish began to pour. We passed the bow between us for shot numbers that ranged from two to eight, out of which I managed to squeek out a few sippy bites from the difficult pons.

Our fishing was at times good, though since it started and ended slow on either side of a tarpon-bell we likely remember the fishing as harder and the fish as less compliant than they really were.

I’d like to thank Howard as always for his generous invtitation, and I’d like to thank Shane Wood for keeping pace with his plan and us in the fish.


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