Fishing with Ian

Fishing with Ian

Over the last few weeks Ian Slater and I have been in preparation mode for the upcoming Golden Fly tournament that starts on Monday. We’ve had our ups and downs, next-tos and nearlys, though we have been able to get consistent with our catching. We had been contending with some frustrating weather which seems to have improved lately, and our recent fishing reflects this upswing in conditions. Earlier in the week, our two days of fishing gave up a few decent fish–of note was a large stubborn 110-pounder that we landed in 20 minutes, and a small 50-pounder that took about the same effort to subdue. When the lights are lit, we hope to make it happen as often as it takes to get where we want to be.

I start Sunday with Ian, fishing likely a half day before driving the rest of the way up to Islamorada and attending the captain’s meeting. A report and results will follow, one way or another.

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