Fishing yesterday

Fishing yesterday

Yesterday I fished with John O’Hearn, leading up to the IGFA Permit Invitational next Wednesday. We are scheduled to fish starting Monday through the end of the week, with the tournament days ending on Friday. Probably due to the lack of any major tournaments in the fall months, not to mention the recent Corona-driven cancellations of many of the majors this year, I’m excited about the prospect of a proper third permit tournament to complete the calendar.

Our fishing yesterday was spent mostly in the driving rain and wind, and while we never caught one we came close when we broke off a smaller fish because of a poorly constructed blood knot. We had a small number of shots that could well have worked, though save for the one that preceded the break-off none of them got what we needed from the fish.

The weather next week looks rainy, though in the spirit of competition at least I’m happy to report that everyone will be fishing under the same weather and it will be well warm enough for permit to be around. I’m looking forward to spending the week with John, and I will have a proper report from the week to post here when the tournament finishes.

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