Flats conditions

Today the wind has dropped and continues to do so; the forecast called for 16 MPH in the morning, dropping to around 12 by tonight. With a high of 81 degrees (f), this is great news; the fishing should get great!
As far as a real-time report goes for what’s going on in the shallows, I am waiting to hear from Fitz Coker and Capt. Aaron Snell, who left this morning for the Marquesas. I believe that Fitz’s wife, record-setting angler Dotty Ballantyne, is with them and their target is either blacktip sharks or tarpon–I imagine that the conditions will dictate what they capture.
Last night I had the pleasure of meeting renowned artist James Prosek, visiting from Connecticut (203!), and I will be trying to get some good fish photographs from my planned trip to the Dry Tortugas on Monday for him to use. Obviously, I will get those photos up as soon as possible, and keep you informed about how things went at the Marquesas with Fitz, Dotty, and Aaron.