I never quite feel the same as when I’m rigging for a trip. There is a calming simplicity that accompanies the experience, saying always; “this is right, this knot will hold, this rod paired with this line will throw how I want and get the fly where I want it to be. This is my fly. This is my leader. This is non-negotiable. This knot will hold.”
When you’re out there, it’s only a matter of time before you end up playing catch-up–tying on flies, new leaders, wire. A good day, or even a good 20 minutes, of fishing can leave even the most prepared angler in a ditch. And these spikes of activity can last for only so long before they fade away. As such, it feels great to prepare your tackle for any eventuality. This is also the only part of the whole thing we have control over–it relies completely and solely on us.
Tomorrow we head to the Dry Tortugas, leaving the dock at 5:30 am.
Here’s to the day before.


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