Flats report, New Zealand update, and a fuss puppet

Flats report, New Zealand update, and a fuss puppet

Fishing on the flats has been good at times, though our cold fronts have been timed in such a way that it’s felt like the best is just around the corner before the water temperatures drop as the result of a new front.
That said, this year is nowhere near as cold as last year–one defined by a record-setting cold that killed a large number of fish in the Keys and parts north.
While not consistently amazing, the fishing has been great at times. When the water is warm there are some tarpon in the basins, permit seem to be present in good numbers, and the shark and barracuda fishing has been steady.
Keep in mind that as soon as it gets warm the flats fishing is poised to get great (and quick), and at this point it looks like next week is when this might happen.
Stay tuned for more updates as we watch the weather improve. Also, check back with us for the reports and results from the ‘Cuda Bowl (fly & spin fishing for barracuda, 4-5 of February) and the March Merkin (fly only fpr permit, 14-17 March). We will have regular updates and the results will be posted to the reports section.
Also stay tuned for a report from record-setting angler (and all-around good MA) Vicky Linville, who just returned from a month of trout fishing in New Zealand. Also present was Caleb “CCL” Linville, who was on hand to shoot some photographs between attacks of kite-boarding fever. If I play my cards right, I may just farm the job out to Vicky and you can read her first-hand account of fishing both the north and south island of NZ when she gets back stateside tomorrow.
If you’re dying for a picture, here’s one to keep the blood pumping: CCL with a nice trout, fishing Poonui Station on the north island.

Also, one of Vicky doing what she does best:

And, in case you think we forgot where we live:

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