Shark fishing with Fitz Coker….and a visit!

Shark fishing with Fitz Coker….and a visit!

A week ago, I was fishing with Fitz Coker west of Key West. After a few hours of chumming and the capture of a smaller lemon shark, a larger fish arrived. As is often the case, the fish was somewhat timid, approaching the boat only to about 15 feet before moving away and beginning their circle back around. A cast was made, the fly fell in front of the fish (near the bottom in 6 feet of water) and was eaten. 20 minutes later, Fitz secured the fish with a tailer, I put down the rod and looped a rope around it’s tail, and we brought it in for a visit. The shark was released soon after this photograph was taken, unharmed except for its ego.

In other news, the Cuda Bowl is next weekend and The Angling Company is sponsoring the tournament. We look forward to being part of this great tournment in its first year, and if you are interested in fishing it sign-up and registration is at the shop!

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