Happy Thanksgiving, report from yesterday

Happy Thanksgiving.
Yesterday I fished in the Everglades with Captain Joe Rodriguez. We left his house at 5:00 and were on the water in Islamorada by 6:45.
We ran to the Everglades (this is becoming a rather common occurrence as I look harder and harder for the six) and were fishing by 7:45.
The weather was supposed to be warm with light and variable wind. That said, Joe and I noticed that the day never really felt “right”; the water was cold, the wind had a bite to it, and the fish we found (and there were more than a few) did not present any great shots.
We had maybe three shots at laid up fish; one of these, a large fish that sat a few inched blow the surface, simply turned around when he saw the fly.
We found a great many fish in two different areas after this. In the first we had a few shots but the fish appeared sensitive to us getting within 80 feet of them; we managed only one shot at a string. In the second we had many, and perhaps most importantly very large, fish busting around us but did not have any shots. The fish didn’t stay high enough for us to get a shot at them.
We went to one final spot before calling it a day; the fish weren’t there, and in short order we weren’t either.
Here’s to trying.
Incidentally, we are open today until 5:30.