Jack Ehrhardt Redfish/Skok’s Diablo Crab

This report was sent to us by Jack Ehrhardt, a talented young angler who visits us when he’s down. Last time he was in, he bough a few Diablo Crabs….read on:

I’m Jack Ehrhardt and I live up in Orlando. I come down to Key West a few times a year with my dad (we caught our first permit a few trips ago and brought some pics to the shop). Last time I was down there, you showed me the Diablo Crab and I bought a few. The other day, we were fishing schools of redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon and they were being extremely picky and spooky. I was getting refused repeatedly on some of my go-to flies, so I began to root through my fly box in search of a fly that might seal the deal. I tied on the Diablo Crab and threw it at the next school of redfish that came by… a redfish pounced on it agressively. After I released that redfish, another school of fish were swimming down the flat towards us. I set everything up for another presentation with the Diablo Crab that, once again, was viciously attacked by a redfish.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of fly fishing!


Congratulations Jack on getting it done out there–excellent capture.