large cuda, weather update

large cuda, weather update

First, a weather update: today the temperatures are in the mid 60’s, and tomorrow is supposed to clear up and be about 10 degrees (f) warmer. The best days for the coming week are looking like Wednesday through Friday, when the water will have had a chance to warm up again and the sun is slated to be out. We will of course keep you posted on the weather, but this week may again bring the same great fishing conditions that we saw over “Cuda Bowl Weekend” (oh, there was a football game??)
Guides are reporting that permit are still on the flats, though the tarpon seem to have left for the moment to deeper water. Incidentally, the black tip shark fishing is phenomenal right now–if you haven’t yet tried to capture one of these amazing sharks we urge you to give it a try–pound for pound, there isn’t much that can hold a candle to them. (In fact, if anything tried to hold a candle to them they’d bite them–pretty badly, I would assume. Best to keep the candles away from the sharks in general, actually. Sorry, had to be said. I don’t want a client sending me the photographs of what happened to their arm when they tried to disprove my “nothing holds a candle to them theory”….)
Below is a photograph of the largest fly-caught fish during the ‘Cuda Bowl, a 46 incher. The fish was one of about 12 that met up together on a flat edge west of Key West. One cast in the middle of them and a quick strip, and he came up behind another fish and took the fly with a level of commitment usually only associated with the intimations of a high schooler’s first love. The fish then took a series of leaps that resembled Sean White on a half pipe, and was captured, photographed, and released soon after.

Photo Courtesy Captain Aaron Snell.

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