Sight fishing in New Zealand

Sight fishing in New Zealand

Guide: See that branch?
Angler: The one right above that brown trout?
Guide: Yip. See below it?
Angler: Yes, right where there’s a hole in the water from a large brown?
Guide: exactly. Now see that fish? He’s kinda hard to see….
Angler: Seriously?
Guide: You gotta look hard, maybe cock your head to the side, and you can just see his tail. Look through the water, not on top of it. And look for pieces of fish, not the whole thing.
Angler: Now I’m confused, seriously. Do you want me to cast at that big brown trout or is there another one I’m not seeing?
Guide: Just calm down, and look hard. You’ll see him…
Angler: Oh, there he is. You want me to cast?
Guide: Just wait…make sure you see him before you step out.
Angler: riiiiight….

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