Tarpon/Spring/Ocean side??

Tarpon/Spring/Ocean side??

So tarpon season is comng along fine, with a few oddities mixed in to keep things interesting. It appears as though the fish, perhaps in response to the on-and-off weather we have been experienceing lately, have either been thick as or quite hard to find. A great many captains I have spoken with have seen great fishing for a few days followed directly by a day or two of absenteeism, usually based on the weather.
As far as the ocean side fish go, I am unsure that the first true push of migratory fish has arrived. While there ARE fish available on the ocean side, it is quite possible that they are pushing out of the basins and backcountry water and moving along the ocean side–not arriving from parts farther south and moving past us on their way up the Keys.
Plenty of fish are keeping anglers busy, however, and I have heard three separate stories so far this season about “the Big One”–large fish that local captains have been seen, hooked, and in one case brought to hand.
As May is just around the corner, we look forward to our time with these great animals for the brief time that they surround our island.

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