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Archive for March 2010

Tiny Cold Front/Welcome to April

So the fishing held until Monday morning, when the wind swung around to the west and we lost about 6-10 degrees (f) on some flats we had marked on Saturday. Keep in mind that the surface area compared to volume ratio of the water on the flats allows it to heat up and cool down…

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So it’s on!! Last night, in four hours of fishing from approximately 6 PM EDT until 9 PM EDT myself, my father and mother (Jim and Vicky Linville), our cousin Fitz Coker and our dear friend Captain Aaron Snell, jumped over 15 tarpon, landed two, and released four (for the purposes of this report, a…

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March Merkin/is the cold over?/VCL ‘cuda/thank you Mr. Cady!!

Friends of the Angling Company: Last week the annual March Merkin tournament was held in Key West. Over three days of what could easily be described as prohibitively difficult conditions, two fish were caught. The Angling Company would like to extend it’s warmest congratulations to Capt. Scott Collins of Marathon and his client who took…

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