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Archive for July 2016

Fishing on Monday with Jared Cyr

On Monday I fished with Jared Cyr for a half day. We had been talking about getting out on the water in pursuit of permit for a while, and it was good to finally make good on all the talk we’d been talking. The day before Jared had experienced great fishing, though the light had…

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Del Brown 2016

Earlier in the week, John O’Hearn and I fished in the Del Brown. During the Poor Boys I had been hearing reports from John and others that the permit fishing was astoundingly good, and I hoped this would continue through the tournament. John and I were slated to fish on Saturday as a prefish day–the…

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Gold Cup Proper Report

After a longer than intended wait, here’s a full report of our fishing in the Gold Cup. I hope to upload the reports from a day with Ian permit fishing and the Poor Boys, which ended yesterday, tomorrow. The Del Brown starts on Sunday, so I’ll have that report up when I can at the…

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