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Archive for March 2017

Fishing with Aaron and Vicky

On Tuesday I fished with Vicky (my mother), and Aaron Snell. My parents have been in town since Friday last, and are fishing with Aaron this week. I had the day off and was invited to join them, and I was glad for the chance to get out during a time I had no fishing…

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Fishing with Ian Slater and Carson

On Monday of last week, after the Everglades sadness and the Merkin euphoria wore off, I went fishing for a day with Ian and Carson Alexander. Carson and I split the day with Ian, and it was an opportunity for me to have some fun with friends and just go fishing without a tournament or…

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Fishing with Steve and Chad

In the late part of last week (before the Merkin, though I have already uploaded that report) I traveled to the Everglades to fish with Steve and Chad for the six. We had pushed the trip back two days due to weather, so while the wind had howled heavy on Monday it was a low…

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March Merkin 2017, our fishing + results

The March Merkin ended three days ago, and while I haven’t yet completed the report from the Everglades I’m making an effort to write things down while they’re fresh in my head so this one will have to come first. The forecast was scheduled to be a complete shutdown, a wicked cold front rolling in the…

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