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Archive for April 2012

Fishing yesterday

I was scheduled to fish yesterday with my good friend Michael Hetzel and Captain Robert Monroe, but the weather seemed pretty dicey (wind, clouds) and we called off fishing from a boat. No matter; Michael and I quickly decided to give the DIY train a ride and drove up to Bahia Honda State Park with…

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Fishing with Howard and Drew

On Wednesday I fished with Captain Drew Delashmit and Howard Davis. We left at 8:00, and after a short run ended up on the ocean. I was up first, and in about an hour we had a shot. Another hour, another shot. Then began a trickle of fish: a school that turned around, another string,…

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Current weather, fishing Wednesday

Over the weekend it was rainy. We have some colder weather moving through the Keys at the moment, and tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the low 70’s with the overnight temps getting down into the mid-60’s (f). This means that the fishing will change; I’ll know more on Wednesday when I fish…

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Offshore report

The weather rolled in heavy this morning, and I have not talked to anyone that was brave enough to get out there. In lieu of an inshore report, here are some photos of a recent trip to the shrimp boats with Captain Aaron Snell: The weather looks pretty terrible for the next day or so,…

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Fishing yesterday, etc.

So it’s been a few days, shop has been busy and I have been doing less fishing than in weeks prior. The timing of my slight hiatus, however, was actually quite fortuitous. The wind arrived last week after my trip with Aaron on Thursday night, and only began to let up yesterday, when I was…

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Fishing with John and David and PM with Aaron

Monday: The last two days I fished with David Nelson and Captain John O’Hearn. Day One: We began by looking for some early morning rollers, though we didn’t find any. Following that, we left for greener pastures. While our fishing wasn’t great, it was enough to keep us in the area. Fly-tyer extraordinaire David Nelson…

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Some sad news

Last night I heard a terrible story that I hoped wasn’t true; late last night it was confirmed that Jose Wejebe, host of “Spanish Fly” on the Outdoor Network and phenomenal angler/guide, died in a plane crash in Everglades City yesterday afternoon. The Angling Company wishes his family strength and grace, and more information will…

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The Last Two Days

The last two days I fished with Aaron Snell, and was joined by Dave Dalu for the first day. Andy Mill could not make it, so the second day Aaron and I pursued the six solo. Day One: We began at a civilized 8:30, and the clouds were many and unfriendly. After a 30 minute…

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Yesterday with Captain Sandy Horn and David Weeks

David Weeks invited me along with Captain Sandy Horn for a day of fishing yesterday. We left out of Big Pine. Our morning began with a number of schools of fish, some very large, in a channel. We threw at them for an hour before moving on; during this time I would estimate that we…

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