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Archive for April 2011

Wind to come, great fishing out there today

The title say says it all: the forecast calls for the wind to increase this weekend to maybe 15 mph in the afternoon on Saturday (tomorrow). Today, it seems, is the day before the blow and as such should bring some great fishing. We leave early tomorrow morning for 3 days of fishing, and if…

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Tarpon fishing last night

After work last night, I had an opportunity to tarpon fish with Captains Aaron Snell and Lenny Leonard, in what will most likely be their last opportunity to do some friends fishing before the onslaught of work in May. The wind was blowing more than we had anticipated, and the fish weren’t showing on the…

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Tarpon fishing (again….I know…)

The wind has subsided, and the tarpon have moved into the first stages of their pass by the lower Keys. There are still some fish out back, yet all the fish are beginning to be tough customers. It seems that when the wind dies and the clouds go away, the tarpon are that much more…

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More tarpon, less wind

The wind continues to blow, though it is tapering down. It looks like Monday and Tuesday (and hopefully later in the week also) will get even better. I want to remind everyone that there are some large fish around, like this one caught by Adam Corsi fishing with Captain Aaron Snell. According to Aaron, Adam’s…

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Windy Windy/tarpon/bonefish

The wind keeps blowing, and it looks like the fishing is starting to feel the effects. That said, the fishing is still happening and tarpon are beginning to run the ocean–great news for all of us waiting for our first shots at the inevitable hordes of fish that roll by us every year. The wind…

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Tarpon fishing in the wind

The tarpon fishing is phenomenal, and there is wind. Between making the fish difficult to see and complicating the cast, the 12-15 knots of wind we are experiencing can mean the difference between hooking a few fish and watching them swim under (or behind) your leader, never seeing the fly. That said, the fish are…

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Shark video/tarpon update

First (and right and just) things first, it would be irresponsible for me not to share this link to a video that James Linville sent me. Most importantly: When can I go do this? Second, as much as I wish that every day on the water would be amazing, I must confess that tarpon…

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Billy Pate Passing

The Angling Company would like to pass our great respect on to Billy Pate, who passed away this morning. Billy was a sportsman, a businessman, and an angler, and as such did more to promote the sport of fly fising in salt water than anyone could hope to. His videos, delivered in his trademark Carolina…

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Tarpon, bonefish

While the tarpon fishing remains incredible, and as such is attracting most of the attention of our guides and anglers, the bonefish have been arriving in ever-greater numbers. Of course, there are a million tarpon-shaped reasons to be out there, but bonefish can offer a different experience that while “smaller” is no less thrilling. Good…

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