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Archive for June 2013

Yesterday with Justin Rea and Dave Dalu

Yesterday I fished with Captain Justin Rea. Joining us was Dave Dalu. Given that the tarpon fishing in the lower Keys has been slim, and that Dave and Justin were excited to do something else, we elected to look for permit. As it was, the conditions were quite perfect with one (giant) exception: the clouds,…

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Fishing yesterday with Aaron, slam

Yesterday I fished with Aaron Snell. Aaron and I have fished with company a fair amount this year, and it’s been a while since we had an opportunity to fish together as a pair. We started early, at 5:30, hoping to take a look in some shallow water for tailing permit. The cloud cover was…

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Fishing yesterday with Chris McCreedy

Yesterday I fished with Captain Chris McCreedy. We were celebrating his birthday, and the snack cakes were delicious. We were joined by Kathryn Vallilee, who was eager to catch her first daytime tarpon on the fly pole. We began near Key West, fishing for some smaller fish that Chris had found recently. It didn’t take…

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Fishing Wednesday

Wednesday I fished with John O’Hearn and Ted “Eyeballs” Margo. Our target was tarpon, and we left at 6:15 AM up the Keys (which means I woke up at 4 AM) in order to get our day on the proposed track. We started early in the back, with a fair number of shots at small…

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Fishing yesterday

Yesterday I was invited to fish with Captain Sandy Horn by Ted Margo. We took a late start due to a plan to fish into the evening. By 11:00 we were on the water in the first spot, a backcountry area that typically holds a few giants. I had two shots at laid up fish,…

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Fishing with Chris McCreedy and Fitz last week

Earlier this week, I fished with Chris McCreedy and Fitz Coker. Since Fitz is leaving for Montana shortly, the window for us to hang out in is rapidly shrinking. Even though the weather had been windy and cloudy and rainy (driving more than a few people batty over the last few weeks) we decided to…

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Fishing with Jason Schratwieser and Aaron Snell

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Jason Schratwieser, the conservation director of the IGFA. Jason and I have known one another for a while, but we had not yet fished together until now. I booked Aaron Snell for a day of fishing, and while the weather left much to be desired we…

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