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Archive for November 2013

Fishing the last two days

The last two days, I fished with John O’Hearn. The first day we were throwing some light tippet at permit, and the second day we used the nice weather to look for tarpon. Here’s how it all went down: Day One: We started far away from Key West, on a nameless edge, looking for a…

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Offshore yesterday

Yesterday I fished offshore with Captain Rob Nevius and Kathryn. We left later in the day, hoping to catch the evening blackfin/bonita/skipjack bite and get Kathryn her first tuna on fly. Joining us was Don, a friend of Rob’s. We found bait, and though it took us longer than we had hoped to fill the…

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Fishing in Vermont

I know…this is supposed to be a Key West centric fishing report page. But I haven’t been in Key West for a week, and I figured everyone is just dying to know what’s good with the wild brook trout population in Weston, Vermont. I also assume there to be interest in how hard they are…

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