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Archive for February 2011

Tarpon Fishing with Fitz Coker and Doug Kilpatrick

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Fitz Coker and Captain Doug Kilpatrick. While we had intended to get some good shots of leaping tarpon for this fishing report, we forgot the camera. Instead, I can offer you a picture of an alligator gar sent to us by Captain Jacob Shemper as well as…

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Hardy testing/tarpon fishing

The Hardy crew was in today, and I had the chance to look at the new Fortuna reels (contrary to popular belief, these reels are not only for tuna fishing….) Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to fish the new 1-piece Sintrix Proaxis rods for tarpon with Doug Kilpatrick and Fitz Coker. Additionally, I begged…

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I’m on my way to go night fishing for tarpon with Aaron Snell. Busy day and a casting lesson, more to follow tomorrow. Fishing is amazing. Best, NCL/TAC

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Flats conditions

At the risk of sounding repetitive, the flats fishing continues to be amazing. Tarpon, bonefish, and permit are here en masse along with plenty of jacks, sharks, and barracuda. Last night before bed I walked down to a few local piers, and hooked about a dozen small tarpon before I went home and slept soundly.…

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More fishing

The fishing is still amazing, and reports have been filtering in all day of anglers seeing (and hooking, unlike I was able to do yesterday) permit and bonefish on the flats. In fact, I would argue that the glut of permit fishing has overshadowed the amazing bonefish fishing, which we saw some of yesterday. The…

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Permit fishing report, condition update

With no end of great weather in sight and water temperatures in the mid 70’s (f), I headed to the Marquesas todayt with John Ain and Captain Mike Morgan. We began fishing to a fair number of floating permit, suspended in the glare with only the tips of their fins showing. For some reason I…

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Flats and permit/fly tying materials

The water has been warming for the last week and a half, and we are still waiting for the next few degrees to push things over the top. Not that the fishing isn’t amazing, it’s just that we’re missing the few degrees needed to transcend the ordinary and make the fishing extra(forgive me)ordinary. What’s prevented…

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night fishing report/conditions on the flats

so last night wasn’t the amazing tarpon bonanza I’d anticipated, though we did see a few fish. Alex Powers had a tarpon blow up on a surface fly while swinging it in the current in a Gulf-side channel mouth and that was the extent of our ohysical interaction with the poon. That said, the conditions…

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Tarpon (and other stuff too)

Yes, it’s true. Fly anglers in the lower Keys are casting to, hooking, and reeling in tarpon. While this is not intended to draw attention away from the permit and bonefish fishing that is also here and amazing, it’s just nice that we are catching tarpon in February. Welcome back while the weather lasts, buddies!…

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