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Archive for July 2017

Del Brown Results + Our Fishing

A few weeks ago the Del Brown Tournament happened. It’s the last of the majors for the year, and with the exception of the Superfly in September the last of the tournaments I’ll fish in 2017. As such it’s bittersweet, and I’m already plotting our approach for 2018 in both the permit and the tarpon…

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Current Conditions/Standby for reports coming soon

I haven’t updates these pages recently, for a few reasons. After the Del Brown I drove up to Orlando for ICast, which was OK but not fishing. Plus there are a lot of Instagram try hards up there (you know who you are) and I’m always bored by them.  There was some cool new stuff,…

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Fishing Yesterday/Current Conditions

Yesterday I fished with Ian Slater, on the last of our three scheduled days to get in to permit shape after the Gold Cup. I touched on this in the Gold Cup report posted yesterday, though it’s worth repeating: the permit fishing has been tough for us, and yesterday was no exception. The weather has…

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Gold Cup Results + Our Fishing

Last week the Gold Cup happened, and it was a dynamic five days of tough fishing. Captain Dustin Huff and Thane Morgan bested the competition with three weight fish, and second place was closely secured by last year’s champions Joe Rodriguez and Julian Robertson. Third was taken by Captain Doug Kilpatrick and Steve Ward, and…

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