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Archive for May 2018

Golden Fly Results, Our Fishing

Earlier last the week I finished up fishing in the Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament. John and I have both been working hard at what we were intending to do during those three days, and the fact that the fishing was impossibly difficult gave us a chance not just to flex our new hardware but our…

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Fishing with Ian Slater

Last week I fished with Ian Slater for a pair of days. Our goal was to tarpon fish, and while we had everything we needed to do this the weather worked to keep us from success. The two days we fished were the windiest within a windy week, and the gusts felt like they howled…

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Fishing with Ted and Drew + Ian

After the two days with John boy, I was invited to fish for a day with Drew Delashmit as a guest of Ted Margo. I’ve always enjoyed fishing with Ted, and part of the point of this trip was for him to test drive the beast skiff with an eye towards an eventual purchase of…

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