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Archive for August 2011

Superfly next week, a visit, after the storm

Today seems like the first day since Isaac that it sounds decent out there. I haven’t been out since before I left for Montana, but the reports I’m getting are pretty good from my friends that are out there today. On Tuesday my mother Vicky Linville arrives and we fish with Drew Delashmit on Wednesday.…

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Fishing today

Aaron Snell and I met at the shop this morning at 6:30. We cut loose the Borski canoe from the ceiling, and put it in the back of his truck. We began at the pond near his house, and landed a few baby tarpon from shore before launching the vessel and heading to the other…

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stuff, things, and etc.

In the absence of a real report to provide, here’s what I’m doing tomorrow: At 6:30, Aaron and I are going to take the Borski canoe I have hanging from the ceiling, a push pole, a fly rod, and go to the salt ponds in search of baby tarpon and snook. That’s the report, I’ll…

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Tarpon fishing this morning

At 6:30 (ok….I was a little late…) this morning I met Aaron for a morning jaunt. We decided that it’s high time we got back on the snook program, and after coffee and some time with young Olivia left for a nearby salt pond. There were a few tarpon around, though none wanted to play.…

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New Orleans/New Stuff/Carp

After returning from New Orleans, there are a few things that I think are worth mentioning. First, product: Cortland has a new clear fly line (replacing the PE+ Crystal we have been using on the ocean side for difficult tarpon…) and it appears to be softer and more limp than the older, stiffer version. We…

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Permit photographs

It’s pretty cool to see photos of fish in their natural environment, happy as all get up doing what they do best. Until I can supply a report from the show in New Orleans (which includes a GREAT carp fishing report), these will have to do. That’s it. ncl/tac

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Tarpon Photos, update on the flats

The photos below show some amazing stuff–prey and predator in their natural environment. The Hunted: The Hunter: More Hunter: Pretty amazing to see. I’m leaving for the New Orleans Fly Tackle Dealers show on Wednesday, and I’ll try to keep up with this page during my trip. Fishing on the flats remains steady as far…

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Everglades report

We left early on Monday to get to the Flamingo ramp by 6:30. Andy put us on fish, though none appeared to be of sufficient size for our intended goal of breaking the 6 lb record. By 11:30, boxed in by storms and feeling the electricity in the air, we elected to take it to…

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Fishing yesterday

Yesterday I fished with John O’Hearn and David Dalu. We left at 6:30 and immediately found a few tarpon rolling around, though only managed to feed the fly to two. In retrospect, we all felt as though we should have put a few more in the air, but the conditions were such that the tarpon…

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