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Archive for April 2014

Yesterday with Howard and Drew

Yesterday I fished with Howard Davis as his guest with Captain Drew Delashmit. We started at 8:00, and upon our arrival at our first place found a great many tarpon tucked behind the early light. We saw fish roll and bust, and once the sun got high enough to see into the water we were…

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Yesterday with Ray and Fitz

Yesterday I fished with Captain Ray Fetcher and Fitz Coker. Being on the boat with these two is a serious pleasure, as between them they have more tarpon experience than I could ever hope to see in a lifetime. We started by looking in the wind and clouds for some fish, though after a few…

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Current conditions, update

I haven’t updated these pages much in the last week or so, but I’ve been working and had a week off from fishing so there hasn’t been much to report. That said, the weather is good and the fishing is going along well. Saturday I picked up an invitation to fish with Fitz Coker and…

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Yesterday with Howard and Sandy

Yesterday I fished with my good friend Howard Davis. Guiding us was Captain Sandy Horn. Our day started with high expectations that were quickly superseded by the desire of the wind to blow us off the water. Sany worked hard in tough conditions to get us a single quasi-shot, and even after a few different…

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Yesterday with Chris Robinson

Yesterday I fished with Captain Chris Robinson. While I’ve known Chris for a few years now, I had yet to spend a day on the water with him, and I was glad for the opportunity to fish with him. Our second day (today) was cancelled since the cold front that shook us yesterday still clinging…

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Tarpon fishing yesterday

Yesterday I fished with Michael Driscoll, an old friend from up north, and captain Lenny Leonard. Our target was tarpon. We started looking in places that they should be, and while we had excellent reason to believe that the pons would be there with us we found none. In the morning four, I hooked a…

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The last two days

Yesterday and the day prior I fished with John O’Hearn and my mother, Vicky Linville. If you keep up with these pages, you’re familiar with Vick, and can see some pictures of her in the gallery from her recent trip to the Seychelles. It’s worth mentioning that she’s a stellar angler, though for the two…

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Updating, upcoming, a nice capture

I’ve been busy so the reports have suffered. Last week, I fished with Doug Kilpatrick for two days. On the second, we were joined by Dave Dalu. Day One: Doug and I woke up in the teeth of a cold front that had parked on the lower Keys, and while the fishing was likely going…

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