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Archive for March 2016

Fishing with RT and Tim Vallilee

After the Merkin ended, I went out for a day offshore with RT as the guest of Tim Vallilee. Our target wasn’t anything specific, though there was a general plan to look for a cobia–something Tim has been chasing after for a while. Joining us on the trip was John Vallilee and his girlfriend Ashley,…

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March Merkin 2016 Report

Over the last week, I fished in the March Merkin, once again with John O’Hearn. Our fishing started Monday morning, with hopes of finding some fish to throw at and get into the right head space for the tournament. Our fishing was decent, though the fish weren’t in as good a mood as we’d hoped.…

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Fishing Tuesday with John

On Tuesday I fished with John O’Hearn. In the week leading up to the March Merkin, it was the only day we had on the books. With the wind blowing near 30, we left the barracuda rods at home for a grind at permit. We started in places familiar to us, and found mostly wind instead…

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Current Conditions, Finally Caught Up

I know I’ve been delayed in these reports for a while, but with this report I’ll be current. The fishing had been spotty–at times great, but always hindered by some combination of wind, chill, and clouds. We remained right on the edge of things getting great, but at the moment things are working themselves out. The…

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Fishing with Steve and Jason

In the beginning of last week, I fished with Steve Huff and Jason Schratwieser. Our target was, once again, the 6 lb tippet tarpon record. For most of the readership, there isn’t much of a point in recounting how much time and energy (and pain, and hard work, and failure) we have invested in this…

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