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Fishing with Roger Fernandez and Steven Tejera

I’m deep in the catch-up game at this point, getting through a relaxed fall without deadlines of writing these reports in order or as quickly as I can. This report goes back over a month to the middle of October, when I went to Miami to fish as Roger Fernandez’s guest with Steven Tejera. If…

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Fishing with Joe Skrumbellos

On Friday I spent the day with Joe Skrumbellos. We intended to fish for permit, given our respective obsession with their local population, though each of us acknowledged the time of year (and our desire to have some actual fun) by bringing a barracuda rod. We headed out in the morning, fishing a small piece…

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Sugarloaf Showdown Results + Our fishing

Over the weekend the Sugarloaf Showdown wrapped up. Kat and I again fished with Doug Kilpatrick in this tournament, one that’s become a fun break from the seriousness of things like the Gold Cup and the March Merkin. I will add, however, that like most tournaments in the Keys it’s becoming more and more competitive.…

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Fishing with Steve and Chad

Last month I traveled to the Everglades, once again with Steve Huff in pursuit of the six. As usual Chad “Chadillac” Huff joined us, completing what has become the most recent team iteration. We had three days scheduled to fish, and I drove up the night before as usual. As crazy as the idea of…

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Catching up/Checking in

I’m aware that I haven’t posted much recently, and for those of you that have been checking in I really appreciate it. I’m working on a lengthy report from my time with Steve and Chad, during which we came perilously close to catching the 6 lb tarpon record, and I’ve been doing some fun fishing…

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Fishing with Kat and Josef Borski

After the time spent in pursuit of a permit on two pound (before the trip that finally caught it), I had a pair of days booked with Ian Slater. We were interested primarily in catching permit, and I brought along a few guests for the two days. The first was my wife, Kat, with whom…

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Fishing with John and Chad

This report is from last week. I’ve got a few to catch up with, though this report (as some of the readership may already be aware) concerns itself with a pair of days that came to a particularly stunning conclusion, and as such, I wanted to get it down while things were still fresh in…

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Fishing with John and Chad in Early August

At the beginning of this month (I know, I’m behind in these reports) Chad Huff came down for a few days as part of our now annual 2lb permit fishing attempt with John O’Hearn. Chad came down a day prior to the three we had scheduled with John, and Kat and I went out with…

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Del Brown Results + Our Fishing

After I returned from Icast, the annual measuring festival of social media superstars at which I’ve been convinced I need to appear, I had a few days to catch up at the shop before John and I started on Sunday to formulate a plan before the tournament started on Monday. We ran a few of…

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