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Archive for July 2015

Fishing on Tuesday with Zack Stells

On Tuesday, I fished for a day with Zack Stells. Zack and I have talked for nearly a year about getting out and doing some fun fishing and it took a long time for it to finally happen. We started at a reasonable 8:00, and while the weather looked clear it was as well hot…

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Del Brown 2015, Results and Our Fishing

It’s finally time to get this up here, and I’m pleased to report that the 2015 Del Brown was one of the best tournaments I’ve ever had the privilege of fishing in. I’m going to go through our own fishing, with a discussion of the results and what was happening outside our own boat as…

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Fishing Before the Del Brown

With the Del Brown finished, it’s time to put everything up here on these pages. It was a truly amazing tournament, and I want to get to the results (as well as everything that happened leading up to them) up here as soon as possible. That said, I have to keep things in order on…

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A Proper Gold Cup Report

After the Gold Cup, while I posted results, I neglected to write a typical “our fishing” report. I wanted to get the results up here for those that follow these reports, and right after the tournament I was not in a head space to discuss what amounted to falling as far short of what we…

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Evening with RT, this morning with Jared Cyr

Two days ago, I went out for an evening excursion. My cousin James is on vacation from teaching school in Africa, and as such needed to catch a tarpon. We started at 7:30, and after a brief boat injury (I won’t go into the details here, but let’s just say that low tide can be…

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