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Archive for April 2015

Fishing Yesterday with John and Ted

Yesterday I was invited to join Ted Margo, fishing with John O’Hearn. As John and I have no more days on the books before the Goldenfly, we were looking forward to a day of practice before the event. We started early, which was of little consequence other than to get out a few minutes before…

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Still Catching Up, Getting Current

We left off with the days with Simon last week, and we’ve added two days in the interim: a day with Drew Delashmit and Howard Davis, and a day yesterday where I fished as a guest of Kat fishing with Jared Raskob. In order, here’s what all happened: Every year I have the pleasure of…

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Fishing with Simon and Kat

Following the day on the water with Will Benson and Steve Trippe, I had two days booked with Simon Becker. The first day I fished alone, and the second I was joined by Kat. Here’s what all happened on the water. Day One: I met Simon early, for the purpose of getting in to an…

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Fishing with Steve

I realize that the reports haven’t been updated in a while, though it has not been for lack of raw material production. Tarpon season is in full swing, and I’ve been fishing lots. I’ll start the catch up to current with a report of the two days I had last week with Steve Huff, during…

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Upcoming for The Six

Tomorrow I leave for two days of fishing with Steve Huff, again in pursuit of the six.   A report will follow. If you read these reports you know how much time we’ve spent and how much we want to get it done.   One way or another I’ll put up the results.   Nathaniel

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Last Two Days with Chris Robinson

Yesterday and the day prior I fished with Captain Chris Robinson. It’s not often that I get to fish with Chris, but we are usually able to make two days happen in the beginning of April. As was the case last year, our fishing was challenging and we had to put in some time to…

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Getting Current/Last Week with John O’Hearn

After the day with Simon, I took the second day off and Kat went fishing by herself. Without getting into the specifics (for that, Kat will have to be convinced to write her own report), I’ll say that she hooked three tarpon and lost a large permit to a broken leader–a tough break on the…

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Fishing Last Week with Simon

After the trip with Doug, I had two days booked with Simon Becker. In light of some additional work required at the shop, Kathryn and I were unable to attend the days together. Instead, the first day I fished with Simon and Kathryn followed up with him the following day. On my day of fishing,…

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