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Archive for June 2014

Catching up, so much news, Gold Cup results,

I know it’s been a while since I updated these pages, but I’ve been fully immersed in the Gold Cup and consequently have had no time to update these pages. This will improve. Prior to the tournament, I had a few great days fishing with John O’Hearn, then some time with Simon, then a last…

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Hawley Results/Last two days with John

I’d like to properly congratulate Scott Collins and Greg Smith (of recent Merkin fame) for their recent victory in the Hawley. These guys sure are bringing it in the tournament field, there is no doubt. On Thursday and Friday I fished with John O’Hearn, and we had a grand time. We had a few bites,…

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Current Conditions

If I had the ability to take a bunch of clouds and lay them over this fishing report so you couldn’t read it unless you were next to some light bottom I would. Suffice to say it’s cloudy, rainy, and everyone is bothered by it. Tomorrow with John, Friday the same. Sunday and Monday with…

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Fishing in Parts North

Last week I had the opportunity to fish in the panhandle with Captain David Mangum. While I first met David a few years ago in the shop, we had never gotten together to fish together until these three days. My hope was to find some slightly larger tarpon to pull on, in preparation for the…

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