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Archive for May 2016

Goldenfly Results

I have a lot to write about our fishing in the Goldenfly, and there is more than I’ll be able to get up in a day or two. A full report will be forthcoming, but for now I’ll leave the results up here. Captain Scott Collins and Ed Young won the event with a consistent…

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Fishing with Simon and Kat

Last Sunday and Monday, I fished for two days with Simon Becker. On the second of these two days Kat and I shared the boat. Here’s how it all went down. Day One: Simon and I started at a reasonable 8 AM, hoping to find some tarpon to throw at. If you’ve read these reports…

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Fishing with Ian Yesterday

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend a few hours on the boat with Ian Slater before his shop shift started at 2. We got on the water early, and first took a look for a permit. Our first look netted us nothing (ha! get it?) and we moved after an hour to look for…

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Last Week with Ian Slater and Simon Becker

Last week I fished a day with Ian Slater to finish up Frankie’s trip down filming, and then followed that with a day with Simon Becker and Kat. With Ian on Sunday: The time we had to fish was cut short by Ian’s shift starting at 2, so we got a early start with hopes…

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