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Archive for April 2013

While I’m fishing, some photos

For the next three days, I’ll be on the water and unable to load any reports until I return. It’s unknown if there will be any photos for the next three days (and again on Friday with Dave Dalu and Scott Collins), so I figured I’d post some pictures. Aaron Snell provided the following, enjoy.…

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Fishing yesterday with Howard and Drew

Yesterday I fished with Howard Davis and Drew Delashmit. Our target was tarpon. We began by poling a long edge in the backcountry, looking for a few sliding creatures. I was up first and, after a slow 45 minutes, had a shot at a pair of fish that cooperated: I dried off a 70 pound…

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Grass carp, Dotty and her fish, tomorrow

It’s been an interesting three days. Kathryn Vallilee and I headed up to the IGFA to attend the awards dinner and lend some Angling Company support to Dotty Ballantyne, who received a lifetime achievement award in recognition of her capture of over 100 IGFA fly rod records. Needless to say, The Angling Company is beyond…

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Fishing yesterday with Chris McCreedy

Yesterday I fished with Captain Chris McCreedy, and our target was tarpon. After a more-harrowing-than-normal week, between last week’s cutting off: both of Sandy and Howard and myself at Loggerhead as well as Lenny’s finger (nearly) by a shark, I decided to leave the six pound at home and throw some sixteen pound tippet at…

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Last two days, a shark bite

Wednesday I fished with Captain Lenny Leonard and my mother, Vicky. We intended to fish for sharks, and though we started by tarpon fishing we only saw a few fish in a channel and never really got a shot. In an hour, we were heading west to deploy a bonita and try our luck at…

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fishing on Monday with Chris McCreedy

Monday I fished with Captain Chris McCreedy. We were coming off of a one-day cold snap the week prior, and while it was warm the fish seemed hesitant to return to the flats as they had the week before. This was most likely due to the wind, which blew a steady 20 for us all…

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John and Aaron Part ONE

Monday I fished with John O’Hearn. Aaron had a day off, and as such we decided to all go out together, throw some 16#,and catch a couple. The weather was brilliant and off we went. As it turns out, when you have two great guides (and friends), as well as great weather, the fishing doesn’t…

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Fishing with Aaron (part TWO)

Following my day with John and Aaron (Part ONE from the fishing reports page), Aaron and I set forth solo to capture tarpon. We were fishing on 6#, still trying after all these years. Day ONE: Aaron and I had our minds set on a large fish in the proper area for 6# capture, and…

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