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Archive for November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, current conditions

Happy Thanksgiving. On the flats, currently, there is much wind. So much wind. And while it’s doable, I’ve really only heard reports about some large bonefish for those brave (and lucky) enough to find them. There have been some permit around, though the best thing going at the moment is the large jack crevalle on…

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Shark fishing Sunday

Sunday Aaron and I returned to our shark fishing endeavor, looking for a rematch against the local lemon and blacktip shark population. We began where last week we had found the large group of jack crevalle. This stop was not very productive, though we did manage to capture a single jack for additional bait, a…

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Fishing yesterday with Aaron

Yesterday, not having fished in a while, I booked Aaron for a half day of shark fishing. Since the majority of my recent angling has been spent in hot pursuit of the 6 lb tarpon record, and before that I spent 3 years on the 2 lb shark record, I figured it to be the…

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Fishing with Bruce on Monday

On Monday I fished with Captain Bruce Chard. The days leading up to our trip were windy, warm, and sunny–perfect conditions for permit. I had discussed with Bruce our plan for the following day on Sunday, and we were ready with clear lines and 9 weights for an assault on the local permit population. When…

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