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Archive for February 2018

Cuda Bowl 2018, Results + Our Fishing

Over the weekend the annual Cuda Bowl took place, and I was invited by Ted Margo to fish with him and John O’Hearn in the spin division. I’ve fished this tournament in the fly division since its first year, and enjoyed a fair amount of success in it with John Benvenuto as well as Aaron…

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Fishing with Steve and Chad

After the day with Jeff and Scott, I traveled to the Everglades to fish with Steve and Chad Huff. We were once again hopeful that the weather would warm up enough for us to look for a tarpon, and after the last three trips rendered zero shots we were all hoping for a change in…

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Fishing with Scott Collins and Jeff Audette

During our September trip to Punta Gorda (FL, thanks to Irma, instead of Belize as planned), Kat and I found some new friends in Jeff and Laurie Audette. Jeff and I worked together for a while during the blackout, when the status of our life in the Keys was unknown, and hatched a plan to…

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