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Archive for August 2013

Fishing with Justin, this morning with Aaron

After the day with John and Thom, I spent a day on the water with Justin Rea. Given the cloud cover the day before, I was hoping for a visibility break. This looked like it was about to happen, until a giant storm blew up south of us and blotted out the sun for the…

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Fishing with John on Monday

Monday I fished with John O’Hearn. Joining us was Thomas Rapone, down for a few days from his Boston Legal Lair. The day began covered in clouds. I am reminded that just the other day I was involved in a correspondence with Howard Davis, wherein he mentioned that the weather has seemed, based on the…

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Fishing with Bruce

On Monday and Tuesday I fished with Bruce Chard. He had a photographer friend in town, and our plan was to get some pictures of fishing in August for Bruce’s upcoming book. In the spirit of keeping things (painfully) real, events transpired to keep it challenging. The first, an ongoing chemical burn that I was…

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Two days in the Glades

On Monday and Tuesday, I fished the park with Joe Rodriguez. Our target was the 6 lb tippet tarpon record. For the second day we were joined by Aaron Snell. DAY ONE: We elected to leave later than dawn, as there was a fair amount of wind. It’s worth noting that “leaving late” in this…

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Fishing the last two days

I was scheduled to fish with Justin Rea for two days–yesterday and the day before. Joining me was Frankie Marion, who intended to get some footage of permit fishing. While we got out the first day, the second was a wash as the weather moved in, but I managed to spend some time fishing from…

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Keeping up to date…

I have much to report from a few days with John O’Hearn. Last week with joe was a non starter after the weather kept us from our 6 pursuit. I’m in the process of a move, hence the lack of reports lately. The images and report from John will be up shortly. Regards, Nathaniel

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