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Archive for February 2017

Fishing with John and Chad

Earlier in the week I fished with John O’Hearn and we were joined by Chad “Chadillac 305” Huff. Chad’s been honing his permit blade ever since getting his first (and second, in a wade-off win) with John and me in August, and we were hoping that this trip was going to be a chance at…

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Fishing Earlier in the Week

On Tuesday I again got out with Ian Slater for a day of Merkin preparation. We’ve had a good run together recently, an as there’s nothing quite as nice as momentum we welcomed the chance to do it again. The weather was nice but incredibly calm and we figured we would have to wade if…

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Fishing the last two days with Ian Slater

After the Cuda Bowl I’ve decided to devote the balance of my efforts to permit fishing leading up to the March Merkin. Ian and I had a few days off together, and hatched a plan to get out and permit fish. We had some decent weather, and though there haven’t been tons of permit around…

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Cuda Bowl Results/Our Fishing

The Cuda Bowl finished up last week, and as usual I fished with John Benvenuto. We were joined by Kat, who I was happy to have on our team (even though we would technically be competing against one another). John and I have had a great run in the tournament over the years, and fishing…

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