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Christmas Greetings/Fitz Coker/Upcoming Plans

Merry Christmas. I just returned to the shop from a great lunch with my BFF Fitz Coker and Dotty Ballantyne, which was great. The cold of the last few days has subsided, and the fishing is bound to get great in no time. As long as the water heats up, there should be plenty of…

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The End of the World…

…is a cold front. relatively anti-climactic, but it bodes well for the future of life (both human and fish) on the planet. It may, however, make the fishing in the next few days less than phenomenal. More to come when next I’m out. nathaniel

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Fishing yesterday with Justin Rea and Diego Rouylle

Yesterday I fished with Captain Justin Rea in his Yellowfin bay boat. Joining us was Diego Rouylle. Neither of these guys needs much of an introduction, and I obviously couldn’t be more pleased to spend a day on the water with two fisherman of their caliber. Our target was blackfin tuna and the attendant offshore…

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Hammerhead part 2

Our fun with the hammerhead continued: Diego got in on the action as well, feeding the great animal a bonita after these photos were taken. While we caught other stuff (including a large jack crevalle on a conventional rod, my back still hurts!), the hammerhead was far and away the coolest part of the day,…

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On the flats

I haven’t been fishing since last week’s shark trip. While satisfying at the time, I’m about ready to get out there once again. I had an opportunity to fish today with Justin Rea offshore for blackfin tuna, though I was unable to attend due to obligations at the shop. We have tentatively planned to get…

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Fishing last week with Mike Gorton

Last Wednesday I fished with Captain Mike Gorton. I was looking forward to fishing out of Mike’s boat, a custom canoe that he built to fish down here. We had a great time, and I enjoyed fishing out of a different boat. Our target was redfish, and even though it was overcast and windy decided…

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Fishing last Monday

Monday I fished for sharks with Aaron Snell. This was our third trip in three weeks, and if you keep up with the reports you know that the last two trips had been difficult. We left at the same time, and discussed returning to the same area where we had fished the weeks before. Our…

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Happy Thanksgiving, current conditions

Happy Thanksgiving. On the flats, currently, there is much wind. So much wind. And while it’s doable, I’ve really only heard reports about some large bonefish for those brave (and lucky) enough to find them. There have been some permit around, though the best thing going at the moment is the large jack crevalle on…

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Shark fishing Sunday

Sunday Aaron and I returned to our shark fishing endeavor, looking for a rematch against the local lemon and blacktip shark population. We began where last week we had found the large group of jack crevalle. This stop was not very productive, though we did manage to capture a single jack for additional bait, a…

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