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Archive for 2011

Today is Christmas

A good day for working and fishing; my two favorite activities. Last night I fished with Aaron Snell and Lenny Leonard; we captured a few nice trophies. I am heading over to Fitz and Dotty’s tonight, looking forward to seeing them both. Happy holidays, Nathaniel

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Solstice fishing with William and Aaron

Yesterday I decided to fish with Captain Will Benson, and we were joined by Aaron Snell. The day began late (due mostly to the shortest of days), but we managed to have a great shot right off the bat. The fish followed it and seemed interested, but did not commit. We had a few more…

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New lines

I’ve been saying for a while now that one major gap in our arsenal down here has been the lack of a floating line with a clear tip. Airflo finally did it, and we’re very happy with the results. We now have 8-12 weight lines in both all clear as well as the new clear-tip…

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Angling Company gets a write up

Recently I spoke with Geoff Mueller, editor of the Drake Magazine, about featuring The Angling Company in their web feature “Fly Shop Friday”. Here’s the link: Enjoy–and thanks to Geoff and Drake Magazine for the great piece. ncl/tac

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Today and yesterday looked beautiful, and I hear that the water is warming up. Reports have come in of permit and bonefish (the tarpon seem to still be absent from the basins), as well as barracuda and large jacks. I’ve been occupied for a few days, but I’ll try to get some photos up soon…

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Cold fronts and coffee

It’s officially winter; a cold front finally chilled things down for more than a day. We re-upped our espresso supply; feel free to stop by for one (incidentally, we have no sugar so if you want that better bring your own). It’s windy and cold out there, which means very little is going on. I…

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Happy Thanksgiving, report from yesterday

Happy Thanksgiving. Yesterday I fished in the Everglades with Captain Joe Rodriguez. We left his house at 5:00 and were on the water in Islamorada by 6:45. We ran to the Everglades (this is becoming a rather common occurrence as I look harder and harder for the six) and were fishing by 7:45. The weather…

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Fishing in the Everglades

Yesterday I headed up to the Everglades to fish with Captain Joe Rodriguez. We had a small window of opportunity to look for the six, so we decided to take it. We left Summerland at 5 am and drove to Islamorada, where we were on the water heading for the glades at 6:45. At our…

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